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Team building events from Mange Bien 

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Team Building 

Working in the London and The Thames Valley we have run events for many blue chip companies. We can cater for between 4 and 20 guests and provide all necessary clothes and equipment.  

We tailor the event to your company's needs. It can be an opportunity to see how people react to each other outside of the work environment, or maybe a bonding exercise or even purely for fun. Whatever the objective, everybody enjoys themselves and team bonds are strengthened.
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How it works 

Before the event we work out any client objectives and decide who will work with who in the kitchen. The guests arrive at the venue usually thinking they are going out for dinner, during a drinks reception chefs arrive and let them know they are going to be cooking. We then have a briefing session, decide on the time to eat and allocate the work to pairs or threes depending on numbers.

We then move into the kitchen and guests prepare and cook the meal under the guidance of the chefs. When everything is ready the guests all sit down to eat and each course is served by the guests who cooked it assisted by waiters. We usually get the guests to vote for the best food on the night and award prizes to the best chefs. Another option is to invite senior directors to join the team to eat and let them judge.
A waiter carrying a tray of drinks
Four people clinking flutes of champagne together

Why it works

• Getting the group to cook the meal creates an opportunity to both work together in a different setting and have fun
• Cooking is a great leveller in terms of gender, age, status and nationality
• It is good for team bonding as everyone has to get their part right for the whole thing to work
• Cooking is hugely popular and thanks to the wealth of celebrity chefs on TV people want to have a go
• Everyone leaves with a great sense of satisfaction having created dishes under restaurant kitchen pressure, both individually and as part of a team
• Finally it is great fun and creates a real buzz within the team
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